The Snake Tank - Karly Salinas Vore Session Gone Wrong

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The Snake Tank
The Snake Tank - Karly Salinas Vore Session Gone Wrong

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The Snake Tank - Karly Salinas Vore Session Gone Wrong

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You reached out to Karly Salinas in regard to a session, but not just any type of session; a vore session. *Buzz Buzz* You feel your phone go off, when you check your notifications, you feel your heart sink into the pit of your stomach. You’ve received an email back from Karly Salinas.

She’s agreed to the session and can even get you in tonight. ” Do I really want to be digested tonight?” You ask yourself. Your excitement is so overpowering that before you could even process the situation, you’ve already paid in full.

You show up to her place and sit down, she keeps questioning if you’re really sure about this. You reluctantly nod your head yes. You’re so desperate to feel tiny in the palm of her hand; to have her big slimy tongue lick you from head to toe, to be covered in her sweet saliva as you travel down her esophagus.

She gives you the shrinking potion, and so it begins. Your fantasy is finally coming to life, you feel pure ecstasy as she plays with you and pops you in and out of her mouth, but you can’t shake this feeling..intense regret.

She finally swallows you whole and you climax with sliding down her small intestines. *SPLASH* You’ve reached her stomach, you’re immediately greeted by her stomach acids…that’s when the panic sets in. You’re ACTUALLY inside Karly Salinas, her body is going to digest you. There’s only one way out.. the other end.

Keywords: mouth, oral vore, vore, digestion, digest, karly salinas, karly.

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