Giantess Ave - Alonzo the Cuck | Giant Couple/Giantess Cuck

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Giantess Ave
Alonzo the Cuck | Giant Couple/Giantess Cuck

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Alonzo the Cuck | Giant Couple/Giantess Cuck

Duration: 0:08:23
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: mp4
Size: 137.54 MB

Alonzo was Sasha’s first love. Two years into their relationship, they came into dire financial hardship. GIGALABS was holding their first human trial for a new shrinking procedure. They advertised to pay each volunteer $50,000 to test their procedure. They assured they could restore the human volunteers to normal size after a successful shrinking. There was only a 30 percent chance that they would be unable to restore the volunteer’s size, in which case, the volunteer would be compensated further.

Alonzo volunteered. But after a successful shrinking, they were unable to restore him to normal size. The money went to Sasha, and she vowed to always care for him. Eventually, she had to start dating again, but she always kept her first love, Alonzo, as her beloved pet. Now Alonzo’s only sexual pleasure is watching his giant masters make love…

(giant couple, giantess cuckhold fx)

Runtime: 7.5 min

**This was made with footage sent in by a fan. If you guys like the Cuck/Giant Couples genre, let us know. We will make a full fledged giantess film! Yes, dialog and all.*

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