FTMV - Alice in the White Rabbit House

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By Porn Comics Posted on Dec 31, 2021
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FTMV - Alice in the White Rabbit House

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FTMV - Alice in the White Rabbit House
⁣Bought this a couple of years back. The 20 second trailer hooked me but after buying it was kind of dissappointed with the full video. Nadya is super cute and have a couple of FTMV clips of her, shame she wasn't allowed to do more. ⁣" (This was a custom request and is based on a particular scene from the Alice In Wonderland film animation) Alice stumbles upon a strange looking house and begins to wonder who its occupant might be. Alice is a little taken aback by this strange character but decides to enter the house and see if she can locate the missing gloves. She enters what appears to be the bedroom and begins looking around. There is a shiny object in the middle of the room that soon catches her eye and so she decides to investigate. Upon lifting it up, she discovers a biscuit and thinks to herself, hmmm why not? She begins to eat the biscuit but as she finishes it, something strange begins to happen. She grows and grows until her head touches the ceiling and she crouches to avoid going through but she just keeps growing. her leg extends all the way out through the bedroom door and into a hallway the rabbit has returned to investigate the commotion. She just sees a giant foot coming towards her and is pushed back all the way down the corridor and to the end of the house where she is pinned against the wall by Alice's foot. The rabbit runs back outside to look at what has happened to her poor house and sees Alice's arms and legs protruding from the doors and windows and her giant face looking around dazed from the attic window. The rabbit naturally thinks that it is a monster and begins shouting and getting all worked up. Soon a fire is burning at the front door and the smoke is beginning to rise. the flames follow shortly afterwards and Alice beings to realise that the situation is not good at all. It is at this point that Alice decides she is hungry and thinks she spots something to eat in the garden below. She reaches out her giant hand and picks the treat up only to discover the rabbit dangling at the end of her fingers. Instead of putting her back down, Alice decides that the rabbit will make a nice lunch."

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