Bratty Foot Girls / Wish – SFX – Ama Rio

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Bratty Foot Girls / Wish – SFX – Ama Rio

Duration: 0:11:20
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: mp4
Size: 808.75 MB

Michael orders a special Genie Lamp off the website Wish. His friend on the phone reminds him their products are known to not be the best, but Michael is still keen on trying it out.

Once he unpacks it he suddenly hears a voice. There’s a strange spirit in the lamp! It let’s him know it is granting him 3 wishes. Michael is excited! He wishes for Money, and to be immortal which the genie grants both. Beside himself with excitement he feels he owes the genie his last wish – To let her free from the lamp.

As soon as the Genie is released she decides to trick him and asks to play a game. Once his eyes close the Genie shrinks him down to a couple of inches tall! Knowing he has the gift of immortality the genie decides to have some fun ending him in various ways!

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