I’m a fan of the Giantess and Shrinking Genre ‘Fetish’ (either male or female or both) and the various aspects of it.

It is something that has intrigued me from a very young age when I watched things like Honey, I shrunk the Kids, 50 ft Giantess, The Avengers (UK series) episode "Mission... Highly Improbable" and countless of other films, adverts and TV series; which contained snippets of this very interesting and diverse genre.

I recall my heart racing every time there was even an intimation of the size change genre.

Many call it a fetish, but I believe it is so much more. I believe a fetish to be a more basic need or fantasy but I believe that there is more depth to this genre than it is given credit. I also believe that many people (perhaps people with the passion themselves) don’t understand the genre and don't really get (or want to get) why people think about it. It is arguably not mainstream, yet human culture has had an obsession with giant deities, Titans, monsters and creatures throughout history, this is not a new phenomenon. There has actually be a huge amount of content out there in mainstream media, but it doesn't appear to be acknowledged that much.

Yet with modern communication and technology a fantastic community has been formed. I would say I was introduced to the community in, circa, 2006 and have been a part of it in various guises since then. It was only in the last ten years that I have taken a more active role in our community.

I have a keen design eye but no talent for drawing or graphics, but I have had a bit more luck with my imagination in telling stories. I have always enjoyed writing, mostly fantasy or sci-fi, and also a few crime novels here and there. I thought it was worth lending my hand to the written part of our community.

So I considered where my interests actually were in this genre, my imagination and what interests me appears to be quite diverse, some people in the community have very specific interests or focus. There are foot, or butt, hand, mouth or boob people, or countless others out there.

My interest seemed to originate in the thought of what it would actually feel like to be shrunken down, how would I feel, how would everyone else around me react? Perhaps some people would think I was a rodent or bug. Others would be angered by it, bemused even. Some would disbelieve it.

However what if I was shrunken and spotted by the slightly devious person, either someone that knows me or a stranger. The person who has perhaps never even had this fantasy or been aware of it, but opportunity presents itself, a tiny human being that potentially nobody else knows about. How would they react? What would they do with them?

Or what about someone who does secretly have the fantasy, they already have in mind what they would do with a tiny person… how would they feel if there was an opportunity of a shrunken person, or ability to shrink someone. Either someone they know or a stranger, would it make a difference to them?

I also had an interest in the giant side of the genre, a towering giant person (normally a giantess), how would they react to their sudden new predicament… or opportunity. Now, its quite obvious that a giant person would attract much more immediate public or government attention than a shrunken person, so how would society and authorities react to such an occurrence?

So with these initial thoughts I decided to explore this further.

Over the years I have written various short stories and novels, a few medium sized ones. I have also done requests for people. I quite enjoyed this because it sometimes took me out of my comfort zone, or helped encourage me to explore something a bit different, I’m open to that.

However I wanted to create something a bit more than small tales. So I started writing the “Dawn of the Giantess” book series. It is currently planned as a four volume series. It is about a College student, who has been bullied and mentally tortured by some peers.

She gains the opportunity to shrink down some of her adversaries and with a newfound power over them she starts to do some quite... out of character things with them, the situation soon snowballs. As the series unravels she gets introduced to a laboratory that is creating equipment to not just shrink people but also to grow them.

I would best describe the series as a coming of age (she is over 18 by the way) tale which soon turns into an erotic thriller, followed by a time sensitive detective thriller combined with the erotic thriller, culminating in huge giantess set pieces in populated areas.

It is a story about people discovering their sexuality and also other people who suppress it. It is a story about friendship for some and loneliness and abandonment for others.

I am also in the process of writing a Giantess Anthology series which is a series of various short stories, these are soft, medium and hard (in terms of erotica and violence levels). I am also creating a section of this series which plays on some traditional fantasy tales.

I can only hope that my work is a reasonable contribution to the genre. I do hope that you will help support my work and consider taking a few moments to leave a brief review or any feedback (either publicly or privately). Reviews help my work gain visibility and also provides me with valuable feedback about what my readers enjoyed and didn't enjoy about the stories I write.

My stories are all works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents herein are either a product of the my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Any violence depicted in my work is purely fictional and is in no way intended to incite or encourage such behaviour.

My work does not have any political or religious motivations. My work has not been written with the intention of causing offense.

Ultimately my work is dedicated to all of the faithful and talented artists and authors in the community and all of the fans of the giantess, shrinking and associated fetishes.

I must warn you that my work is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. Some of my writing, but not all, contains sexually explicit scenes with multiple partners and graphic language and actions which may be considered offensive or disturbing by some readers.

All sexually active characters in my stories are 18 years of age or older.

It would be great if you can show your continuing support to help encourage me to keep spending many hours on writing for you. I am happy to write requests, so email me at your convenience.

I hope you enjoy my work.